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Amaro Bento
- Founder of the ATMA Group
- Chief Instructor of ATMA
- Instructors quality control


Rosina Gaudio
- Events Organisation
- Back Office
- Graphics
- Quality Management Control
- ATMA Supervisor of the customers satisfaction
- Quality Management of health fitness Instruction Departement


Marianne Suremann

- Responsible of the ATMA Switzerland
- Chief Referee of Sanda, Muay Thay
- Quality Management of Women Selfdefense departement
- Proprietor of the ATMA Nürensdorf / Switzerland


Jordi Galbas

- Chief Instructor of Children Departement
- Proprietor of the ATMA Zollikon / Switzerland


Stefan Wüthrich

- Chief Instructor of Ambo Fight Team
- Quality Management of Competition Instruction Departement
- Proprietor of the ATMA Ostermundingen / Switzerland

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